Study Tour

Besides the training progrmames, the centre conducts regular one day and half day study tour for students at school and college level. The programmes are well sought after and students even from neighboring states come to the centre for special training packages in renewable energy. For booking contact Mob.9847747650.

Half Day Study Tour for all groups

Mithradham undertakes half day study tours and industry visits from educational institutions and other groups. During such visits the group is taken around as a guided tour to see the various installations of renewable energy in Mithradham followed by an audiovisual presentation tailored to the group.

One Day Study Tour and Q & A sessions

The One day program is intended for groups who would like to obtain a detailed knowledge on any topic. In addition to the normal industrial visit, a question answer session is also conducted. Classes on any renewable energy technology like solar, wind, biogas, environment etc. can be undertaken. One day and half day programmes for various age groups in environment and renewable energy, ecological living, environment and health hazards, waste management and related topics are also conducted at the Centre depending on the requirement of the participants.

Project Partners

Mithradham function as a concrete model for sustainable living and development by providing an institutional structure for demonstration,
education and training in environment and renewable energy.