Renewable Energy Centre, Mithradham, ( is the first fully renewable energy powered educational institution in India dedicated solely for the promotion of environment and renewable energy. The centre was established in 1996 under the Sacred Heart ( S.H.) Province, Kochi ( ) of the Carmelite of Mary Immaculate ( CMI) congregation ( ) an indigenous religious congregation involved in educational sector . All the educational institutions are run on secular principles and for admission and appointments no kind of discrimination is made.

The CMI congregation experts in edcuation manages 1 deemed University ( Christ University, Bangalore) , 24 arts & Science colleges, 2 Medical Colleges, 2 Engineering colleges, 9 B.Ed colleges, 5 Nursing colleges, 1 Polytechnic, 12 ITCs, 172 High Schools and Public Schools, 521 primary , L.P and K.G schools, 188 centers and 385 religious institutions mostly in India and outside India spread over 24 countries.

Renewable Energy Centre, Mithradham is the only educational institution of the CMIs dedicated to the new and renewable energy technologies. It is committed to take a sustainable path in its journey in the spirit of Mahatma Gandhi. The centre is autonomous in energy, food and management of waste.

The First Fully Solar Educational Institution in India for Environment and Renewable Energy

- A CMI Rajagiri Educational institution for sustainable future technologies

- SET-NET Partner for NISE training Programmes under MNRE and ANERT.

- An Innovative Place of Learning (ILO) for Amberg-Weiden University, Germany


Rajagiri is a leading Brand in Education which has established unique and highly sought after educational institutions in and outside the country at all levels. Renewable Energy Centre, Mithradham is the first educational institution in this group which offers future oriented green and sustainable technology training and awareness programs suited to all category of people. The institution belongs to a catholic religious congregation known as the CMIs. (


The National Institute of Solar Energy (NISE), an autonomous institute of Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Government of India, has established Solar Energy Training Network (SETNET) to meet the training needs of solar professionals. This initiative is in collaboration with the Indo-U.S. bilateral Partnership to Accelerate Clean Energy Deployment Technical Assistance (PACE-D TA) Program. SETNET focuses on the emerging ranging from solar thermal and photovoltaic project design to reliability testing of solar PV projects, hybridization and technical aspects of emerging areas as solar rooftops and micro-grid ( )

University of Applied Sciences

The goal of universities of applied sciences is to provide their students with a practical, theory-based education. The University is a dynamic university with campuses in the cities of Amberg and Weiden and has 15 Innovative Learning Place. Mithradham is the first international ILO of the University. ( www.oth-aw. de/hochschule/innovative_l ernorte_ilo/ilo_indien )


Sustainable Living through Renewable Energy.


Function as a concrete model for sustainable living and development by providing an institutional structure for demonstration, education and training in environment and renewable energy.


Exemplary demonstration of integration of theory and practice in environment friendly technologies

Development of job- oriented courses and programs in environment and renewable energy

Promotion of small scale industries for installation, investigation, and innovation of environment friendly technologies

Carrying out and testing of long term developmental strategies through efficient co-operation of research institutes, industries institutions

Development of an international network for mutual support for the project implementation and publication of results for the benefit of all



-Start of Centre of Environment Studies at S.H. College, Thevara.


-Contact with Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart.


-Founding of registered "Society for the Promotion of Development Oriented Projects" (VEV), Stuttgart, Germany by German Partner.


-Establishment of Mithradham by S.H. Monastery, Thevara at Chunangamveli, Aluva.


-The first Solar Tunnel Dryer Installed at S.H. College.


-Sanctioning of EU, Kindermissionwerk and Diocese Rottenburg-Stuttgart Projects for Mithradham main building.


-The First Solar Power Plant commissioned for the Central Building.


-Inaugurated as a Millennium Project of S.H. Province of the CMI congregation, Started International Conferences and Training Programs. In Solar PV, Solar Drying and Energy from Biomass.


-Founding of International Society for the Promotion of Environment and Renewable Energy (ISPERE) with institutional partners VEV and Mithradham.


-PPP Spice Project initiated with Natural Harvest, India and Ecoland Herbs & Spices, Germany.


-Founding of Kerala Renewable Energy Entrepreneur's and Promoter's Association (KREEPA).


-Awarded "Solar Prize - 2005" of EURO SOLAR to VEV for Mithradham Project.


-Awarded "Eine - Welt" Prize of German State of Baden-Wuerttemberg to VEV for Mithradham Project.


-Visit of Bp. Dr. Gebhard Fuerst to Mithradham for international seminar on "Protection of the Creation"


-Mithradham becomes SET-NET partner of NISE training programmes under MNRE, Govt. of India and ANERT, Govt. of Kerala.


-Mithradham is selected as Innovative Learning Place of Amber-Weiden Technical University, Germany, the first one outside Germany.


-Expansion of SET-NET, National and International Training Programs.

Mithradham is managed by a registered Charitable Trust ( CIT-CHN/12A/Tech-35/98-99) constituted on 03-09-1998 with its head quarters at S.H. Provincial House, Rajagiri, Kalamassery. The ex-officio members of the Trust are, the Provincial of S.H. Province, Rajagiri, Kalamassery who is also the managing Trustee of the Trust; the manager of S.H. College, Thevara and the Director of Renewable Energy Centre, Mithradham are the members. The Trust takes all policy decisions of Mithradham. Day to day affairs are managed by the Director of Mithradham who is appointed by the Provincial.

The present trustees are

Rev. Dr. George Peter Pittappillil, Director, Mithradham

Rev. Dr. George Peter Pittappillil is the Director of the Renewable Energy Centre Mithradham managing the realisation, demonstration and support of the projects including training programmes, workshops, exhibitions as well as promotions.


Rev. Dr. Jose Cletus Plackal, (Chairman)

Rev. Dr. Jose Cletus Plackal is the Chairman of the Renewable Energy Centre Mithradham. He is the Provincial, (the head ) of the CMI Sacred Heart Province, Kochi. He holds a Doctorate in Ministry, and a professional doctorate in applied psychology and theology.


Rev. Dr. Jose Kuriedath, Manager, S.H. College

Rev. Dr. Jose Kuriedath is is the Prior of S. H. Monastery and the Manager of Sacred Heart College (Autonomous) and other educational institutions, Thevara, Kochi. He is the Ex-officio member of the Mithradham Trust.


The Centre is managed by a team of ground staff who looks after the house keeping, the organic agriculture, garden and the infrastructure.

Josphy Thomas

Josphy Thomas

Josphy Thomas

Rosily Varghese
Animal Rearing

Rosily Varghese

Rosily Varghese




Theresa Joy

Theresa Joy

Theresa Joy

Mary Thomas
House Keeping

Mary Thomas

Mary Thomas

Project Partners

Mithradham function as a concrete model for sustainable living and development by providing an institutional structure for demonstration,
education and training in environment and renewable energy.